The 3 common networking errors which we cover here are based on experience of numerous events. This post was originally made in 2015 and is a gentle reminder to think about what will or will not work for you when you attend a networking event at the Zürich Networking Group.

The 3 common networking errors are:

  • You are selling not networking:

This is the big one. Too many times at paid Events, we see people trying to sell first without listening to the other person speaking. A person will only buy if they need something. Then, 9 times out of 10 from someone they “sort of like” and almost 99.9% never at the time of the first meeting at a network event, unless it is a low value item like a book.

Prior to the networking event or a large meeting at work, quietly note down what you would like to happen and then work it backwards from the “desired result.” How many other steps did you write down? The list confirms you are not ready to sell, you are still developing. That may be a good focus for your network night objectives.

  • You are unsure and unclear about things:

You are investing your time in meeting others, personal or business. A good number of times, new members try to avoid speaking to the host because they are in “research mode.” The good thing is, we look out for those people who give the impression they are not seeking too much advice or any help. The sooner you feel comfortable with others in the room, the faster you will ask about the topic which is really on your mind.  Our advice is to think about 3 things you would like some help or pointers on and write them down. That way, you get some answers ( even if you did not like the response), so you help yourself.

  • You do not follow-up or forget to:

Imagine a good night meeting others and having some notes with a few names to call.

Many a time when suggestions have been made or even an email introduction sent with a cc, it is discovered that the person did nothing and then at the next event wonders why they “blanked out.”

Today we have Linkedin, Xing and all sorts of other ways to communicate – even inviting them for a coffee. So, please write down the suggested action somewhere safe and after a networking meeting follow up.


Now you think you are ready, why not have a look at the Zürich Networking Group events and come along?



Thank you for your interest and question, we will handle your request as soon as we can. Best wishes, Andrew and Rose


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