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2020 Zurich and Swiss law changes – traffic and other on the spot fines introduced

Previously this was a “minor” offence but now changes to a fine in 2020 following the law changes.

Under the regulations that come into force at the start of next year, people who are caught committing a minor “offence” can pay an on-the-spot fine without police even needing to note down their personal details.

Get ready for the “spotters” who can also charge you but remember to get your receipt!

CHF 40 for using a mobile phone will riding a bike. Parents may get fleeced by their children pretending to be “in trouble” and needing extra pocket money for fines. Take the bike off them, if found crossing a street near a pedestrian crossing, you lose only CHF 10.

CHF 300 for carrying a loaded weapon (not separating a weapon and ammunition when transporting a firearm – no reason to do this but it happens if you are off hunting, moving house, off to practice)

CHF 50 for making use of a recycling depot outside of opening hours – you know there will be a van and a camera or one in the trees to catch those who drop off their rubbish with their bottles because they cannot wait until the cargo tram comes around.

Original Source Tagesanzeiger



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