2021 LinkedIn Zürich Networking Group Information


Zürich Networking Group Annual Update - Feb 2021

A major Zürich Networking Group update was done in 2018 and a smaller one was listed on the website in February 2020.

This is the annual follow-up for the group at the end of February 2021. 

The Zürich Networking Group grew from 4,092 members in 2020 to 5,798 members in the group on February 26th, 2021. 

The group members percentage is geographically located as: 

  • 76.2% of members have profiles showing their location is Zurich or the greater Zurich area.
  • 7.1% of members are located outside Switzerland.
  • 16.7% of members have profiles showing their location to be in Switzerland but not in Zurich. 

The growth in the past months has been strong due to the relaxation of the group entry rules on LinkedIn because of COVID-19.  

All requests to join the group are moderated because of the need to keep spam and promoting posts down to a minimum. It also ensures those with no clear present or future tie to the city will join, or with profiles in breach of LinkedIn terms and conditions will join the group. 

 Any member not registering as a Supporter or Supporter Plus member has the status Associate free member. 

They can participate in LinkedIn Local Zürich events, as part of our ongoing LinkedIn local for local Zurich events. 

LinkedIn 2021 Group Member Number

The list of sectors and the number of people who work in them highlights the diversity of the group membership.

A small number of business activities were chosen unlike the report for 2020 which was more comprehensive.

It serves as a highlight as follows: 

  • Accounting – 59
  • Airlines – 26 (significant reduction in number)
  • Alternative Medicine – 6
  • Architecture and Planning – 80
  • Automotive – 79
  • Aviation and Aerospace – 30
  • Broadcast Media – 12
  • Business Supplies and Equipment – 6
  • Building Materials – 16
  • Capital Markets – 10
  • Construction – 8
  • Consumer Goods 53
  • Graphic Design – 11
  • Internet – 73
  • Online Media – 13
  • Restaurants – 12
  • Security and Investigations – 12


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