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The 4 reasons people network post is a quick 5 minute read for those considering the benefit of investing their time with us.

We believe active networking is vital to continued career growth, especially if you take the perspective that networking is actually about building long-term relationships and a good reputation over time. It involves meeting and getting to know people, so you do have to invest time and energy into your activities.

To help you understand the value of the Zürich Networking Group, we decided to post a quick read insight on networking benefits for your reference. These include:

Fresh perspectives and ideas

You have your own network of contacts and sometimes you want to bounce ideas of others or seek a different perspective. This exchange of information with another who may not be from the same company or from your “circle of friends” could help you gain new insights and perspectives. Sometimes you may not want to hear the response, another time you may find it is you who contributed an innovative idea to another which helps your own reputation and standing in the networking group.

Learn about and get access to job opportunities

Many times when you network you expand your circle of contacts in a deeper way because the people you meet understand the issues of being new in Zurich, or having to find a job because a major company decided in Baden or elsewhere to cut back its workforce in Switzerland. There are others who you will network with who are hiring managers who need staff with different business backgrounds, perspectives or with traits to grow. All members when you get to know them in the Zürich Networking Group will help you with an introduction if it makes sense.

Build up your own confidence

Networking, entering a room full of people and putting yourself out there is not a natural every day activity unless of course you are in sales. You are effectively stepping outside your comfort zone and in a mixed culture background, quickly building up your social skills and self-confidence as you learn about yourself and what you are capable of in a new way.

Develop your local long-lasting personal relationships

Your investment of time has to have purpose, we believe in the Zürich Networking Group that the point of networking is to develop and grow good local professional relationships. These will add to those you have at work or at home, many friendships and business partnerships have resulted from the first and subsequent follow-up meetings at a networking night. It is why you will find  like-minded people with similar goals as your own, the start of a professional support network which then becomes more of a personal one.


Do you think you are ready to give the Zürich Networking Group a try? If so, why not become a free Associate member first by simply clicking to join here



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