Zürich Networking Group – creating longer lasting local relationships

A little on our background:

Created as a group a number of years ago by Andrew Travers, we have a social media presence on LinkedIn, Meetup, and Facebook. 

We serve solopreneurs, small businesses and employees of companies based in the Zurich area. Job seekers use the group to network with others and to get resources to research, plan or action their career move.

What have been some of the topics our members have spoken about?

The Zürich Networking Group has held a variety of events over the years which have had members volunteer to share their knowledge with topics such as:   

  • Hiring – your worst 10 mistakes as a HR Manager
  • US IRS tax matters and updates
  • Zürich for all – city funding issues and future life pension planning – FDP Liberal Party and other events in this theme
  • Blockchain – what is it?
  • Pain at work, how your working stance is building up a problem you know nothing about today
  • What is focus?
  • Sunni and Shia religion differences and their origins
  • AI is not to be feared, this week anyway!
  • Do you usually achieve goals you set?
  • Creative writing and storytelling for your blog
  • What are the five main goals/activities you have to set to get a step closer to doing what you love in the near future? 


We try to be different… 

A community not a crowd 

Group Sponsors Include: