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Zürich Networking for longer lasting relationships

Many in this group met and now count others as friends or business partners

We only ask you to pay a membership fee when you feel you either want to support us more in our work or to promote your business.

Created as a group a few years ago by Andrew Travers, we have a social media presence on LinkedIn, Meetup, and Facebook.

There are no restrictions to join, please post in French, German or English. In all the years of managing the group, there has only been 1 request for Spanish and another for Italian.

In late 2018, we created this small membership website to better position our solopreneurs, small businesses and our others based in the Zurich area.  We realized that there is so much experience shared amongst our group members over the different platforms, that it would be wise to create a website where we could unite everyone under one umbrella.

Here are just a few of the ways the member of this united community will be able to support one another.

If you need:

  • A marketing expert, we have a few
  • A coach to improve your financial affairs or personal relationships
  • A USA or German tax adviser who can point you in the right direction
  • An interim HR partner or adviser who can support a company in transition
  • An English or German course for a new senior executive or a nursery for their children – we have options
  • An international recruiter who can offer advice on how to approach your job search

….these are just a handful of examples of the kinds of members you are likely to meet when attending one of our networking events.

We are different. 

When we have a networking group session, we do our best to make people feel at ease and have the opportunity to get to know each other on a personal basis. It is not a quick firing round of business cards.  Of course those are shared, but we can testify to the fact that to truly benefit, regular attendance is key. After some time, we see members build relationships and trust amongst each other follows.  Then whatever happens, simply happens naturally.

We are honest to say what we feel do not like from our members:

Spamming e-mails for website development  or scraping names to market another networking group, business, product or service as relationship building will not be tolerated. 

When this happens, the reaction is simple. You are asked to stop. Failure to do so then results in the removal of membership from all groups and this website.


Thank you for your interest and question, we will handle your request as soon as we can. Best wishes, Andrew and Rose


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