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August 2020 - Our Zurich Networking Group Community Update

Happy Holidays


The start of August already and Aug 1st was a damp squib as we know with no firework displays by the lake. A bit of a shame an I hope you will be having a great holiday wherever you go. 

Tomorrow we have WordPress Wednesday, you still have time to register.

For the group development and planning, July was a month of reflection and planning because we have concerns about the planned October Business Workshop day and limitations imposed because of COVID-19.

It means October 10th may be cancelled along with other larger in-person events which will leave a hole in our local work/presence this year. Communications will be sent to all towards the end of August when a decision is made.

On my side I think we need to get back to some form of in-person meetings, so we will try the popular LinkedIn Master Class for Job Seekers again but in a new format. 

7 Attendees and Lead – instead of the usual 16 – 20 attendees. 

The smaller number is an imposed restriction because of COVID-19 rules, yet it works to our advantage. It means we can take time to provide more help and all attending can share advice and help requests so we can all try to solve real problems.

Time Duration: 2hrs minimum (hence using Network Night Descriptor)   

We plan to focus on:

    • LinkedIn Profile Basics – what do hiring managers (if any do) , HR and Recruiters really look at – why standard is better and more.
    • Search / Personal Network Development – Alumni and other easy ways to add connections.
    • Job Ads – Which ones to avoid and why – Red Flags for any applicant 
    • LinkedIn Updates 2020 – Make them work in your favour 
    • Google Search – Why it beats  paying for LinkedIn Premium
    • Profile Job Scoring Tools for better outcomes and job ad matching scores.
    • Job applications – Network and Group resources available to you today.

It is a lot to cover and because it is a new format, it may change by Workshop 3 or 4.

More importantly, the Supporter and Supporter Plus member forum on the group website will serve as a hub for resource. 

It will include the HR, Recruiter and other names lists you may be interested in (all of which may change due to information sources and tools).  

No matter who is attending, please do make sure if you are a job seeker you let me know, first post what job you are looking for in the LinkedIn group (only members see content) and if you would like, we could do a wider alert in the newsletter. this content is not available to view outside the LinkedIn group and is mentioned to subscribers of our email (not printed up on the website unless you post in the forum yourself).

I will make the next newsletter a lot smaller I promise. 

All the best for now,


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August 5th – WordPress Wednesday – Roundable – WordPress and Website Design Optimisation

August 20th – LinkedIn Job Seeker – Masterclass Workshop

September - Heads Up For Next Month

A moment to pause: 

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. But teach a man to fish, and you saved yourself a fish, haven’t you?”

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