September 2020 Unemployment News and Company Job Cuts Switzerland

2020 Zurich unemployment and job cuts

According to surveys conducted by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO): 148,560 unemployed people were registered with the regional employment centers (RAV) at the end of September 2020. This was a reduction of 2,551 than in August. The unemployment rate reduced by by 0.1% from 3.3% in August 2020 to 3.2% for September. Compared … Read more

27 Sep 2020 Election outcomes aircraft, paternity leave and taxes

September 27 2020 Swiss National Vote Results

Good Swiss turnout to vote on the 27 September 2020 Switzerland got a chance to vote yesterday and there was a mix of proposals because of the impact of COVID-19 which had delayed the previous planned vote. Close to 5.4 million Swiss citizens, including registered expatriate Swiss, were eligible to take part in the votes. … Read more

27 Sep 2020 Geneva, Switzerland Votes For Minimum Wage

27 Sept 2020 Geneva Vote Minimum Vote Succeeds

Some Minimum Wage History In Switzerland low-paying jobs like waiting staff, cleaners, taxi drivers and others account for over 12% of the working population. This excludes the gig economy and competition for jobs and hiring remains very strong.  In 2014 voters in Switzerland rejected plans for a nationwide minimum wage set at CHF22 an hour. … Read more

09 2020 – Zurich Networking Group Newsletter

2020 09 Zurich Networking Group Member Newsletter Post Copy

Contents Welcome website reader,  This is a copy of our personalised member newsletter sent monthly. September 2020 – Our Zurich Networking Group Community Update 3 Speakers – 3 Very Different Topics Hi, I thought I would  give a quick update and explain where we are at the start of September.  A clean up of the … Read more

August 2020 Unemployment News and Company Job Cuts Switzerland Report

2020 Zurich unemployment and job cuts

The latest employment figures show that 85,000 fewer people are employed now than at the same time in 2019. This is the biggest year on year decline since 1993. The second quarter federal labour statistics late August show a 1.6% reduction in employed people in Switzerland compared with this time last year. The drop was … Read more

27-Sept-20 Zurich votes on tax, maternity pay, defence, conservation

27 Sep 2020 Popular Initiative Immigration Vote

Contents Upcoming Vote September 27 In Switzerland a number of key votes were stalled because of COVID-19 and the impact of coronavirus. This means there are some very important votes which are upcoming and “off the radar” for many non-Swiss. Popular initiative ‘For moderate immigration (Limitation Initiative)’ Yes, you read that correctly. The right of … Read more

Aug 2020 – WordPress Wednesday – Duplicate Post or Page Plugins

Zurich Networking WordPress Wednesday

Why use a Duplicate Page or Post WordPress free plugin

The Duplicate Page or Post plugin allows you to copy the style of the page and post and to replicate it. This benefits you in different ways:

  1. You can standardise your design and save time repeating the same steps over and over again.
  2. It simplifies your website build as you can copy paste MS Word or similar work into your future WordPress page or post.
  3. Styling choices are made easier because you do not spend time twaeking pages for SEO. You concentrate on content.    

A short video installing the free Post Duplicator plugin

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