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Craft Beer Night @ home of sBier Seefeld Zurich – October 11th
Oct 11 @ 18:30 – 21:30
Craft Beer Night @ home of sBier Seefeld Zurich - October 11th @ ECM Bräu GmbH

The event will be held in Seefeld, not far from Tiefenbrunnen railway station. Easy access for everyone back to town so no need to even think about driving unless you leave your car in the large car park at the station.

We have some history to catch up with here because in Zurich Seefeld, you will learn of the links between Urs and his family and the brewing of fine beer which date back to 1880.

The evening will include:

A brief overview of the brewery, then you have the opportunity to drink a few, even take one home for the weekend if you want.

The cost of the ticket includes a wurst and 4 bottles of beer, the chance to meet others and network at a great location.

If the weather is good we can use the courtyard outside, if not we will be inside the brewery.

Room location and space means we can only have 20-30 people maximum.

 If you like the beer, you can also make separate arrangements to make an order, there is no obligation, yet we will be in Oktober Bierfest time or you may need to take drinks to a Halloween party later in the month. There is also Thanksgiving, Christmas or just no excuse to enjoy a nice beer every now and again!

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