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How to generate leads on LinkedIn with ease
Feb 20 @ 18:30 – 21:00


Contact lead generation like candidate sourcing is for specific profiles, experience or roles. It is simple in theory but every now and again the results are not as we would like.

LinkedIn is seemingly saturated, responses slow and yet when others like me receive messages and wonder why or worse, is the person using a third party to generate their contacts. An example from 2019 is from a recruiter: 

Hi Andrew
I hope you’re well. I’m currently expanding my network of Networking related consultants and managers in the DACH region and notice you have Cisco certificates. As such I would like us to connect for new work opportunities now or in the future.
Kind regards

The person thinks of connections as a source of potential candidates. This is why we have this session because for every successful outcome, there are others who are not successful and worse still, some are left thinking why are they connecting to me, will they even follow-up?  

Who should attend?

Those engaged in recruitment of staff or candidates for clients, sales managers seeking to improve performance and effectiveness in their sales conversion of better quality leads.  

Who should not attend

Anyone interested in a loose network who thinks making a connection is being busy and is real relationship building. 

What do I need to bring?

Paper, pen and your laptop, tablet or Smartphone to access the Internet during the sessions if you feel the need. We will work in pairs or smaller groups at times.

What to expect:

  • 18:30 arrival and split into 2 groups on 2 tables of 10
  • 18:35 Introduction
  • 18:40 Short intro round table session so everyone knows everyone else
  • 18:50 Session 1 Overview and start – Outreach and contact “the basics”
  • 19:20 Session 1 close – Assessment and feedback 
  • 19:30 Grab a coffee / refreshment break
  • 19:40 Session 2 – Sourcing Candidates / Contacts 1 – Tips and tricks 
  • 20:10 Session 3 – Sourcing Candidates / Contacts 2  – Using a chosen method and style
  • 20:30 Review and close
    • Requirements for follow-up
    • Provide protected page resources available on the website   
  • 20:45 Close

( After the close we can have a drink downstairs or you choose to leave)

Who will lead the sessions?

Andrew Travers

Andrew Travers


LinkedIn experience

  • Member since 2003 and involved in 3 rounds of discussions and contributions related to LinkedIn Groups as a “super user.”
  • Group creator, unlisted and standard including the local Zürich Networking Group – 2 over 30,000 members and niche.
  • Training has been provided on request – CEO / Executive teams, for HR and Sales – in/outside Switzerland.
  • LinkedIn user for sales, start-up and large corporate, recruitment, lead generation, finance raising, general chit chat keeping in touch and referring across my network. Made mistakes, used the Premium, Recruiter and other services, on free option today. 

Why should you invest your time and energy?

You may already be having great success, a nice well known brand to help you, yet at the same time there may be one or three things you are missing out on. In 3 hours of your time you will be able to think differently and have more success.

This in turn will save you even more time and make you successful whilst bringing into your local circle others who may be able to help you in other ways.

Any questions or special requests?  Email Andrew please

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