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Zurich votes on affordable housing initiative

Contents Zurich and many in Switzerland could learn about affordable housing initiative from their Austrian neighbours in Vienna. They have a history of over 100 years on affordable and social housing. The Viennese have seem to have successfully balanced the needs of social housing, tax its residents and balance commercial construction projects with the minimum of speculation. Background to the Swiss housing initiative and the Zurich housing problem Zurich is very different to how it was back in the 1980`s. It is now a magnet for migration from both inside and outside of Switzerland. Property ownership in the city is now dominated by insurance or pension companies and speculation because of low interest rates is regarded as being above normal. There are real obstacles to purchasing both commercial and private property as evidenced by Glattpark to the north of the city. In 2000 a district plan for development of the marshy land was agreed. There was to be a change of use and a mini-town with businesses and other amenities constructed. Housing was to be provided for close to 7,000 people with the schools for the children now being seen as the last item on the list to be provided.

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Zurich`s nuclear risk and your iodide tablets

Contents Introduction Zurich`s nuclear risks include the Leibstadt nuclear power station which is 45 minutes away from Zurich. It is now back in operation after a recent shutdown due to a technical fault and approval from the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI). Details of the technical fault were not disclosed. The public information release by the operator merely made mention of “a technical fault in the non-nuclear part of the power plant.” Following the shut down on last Saturday, ENSI, were quick to state that the protection of the population and the environment had been guaranteed at all times. The reactor went through a “quick shutdown” process and the measurement systems and sensors at or close to the plant did not show any increase in radioactivity, What makes the shutdown interesting is that there were two shutdowns last year in April and May 2019 due to technology issues. The status of the Liebstadt nuclear power plant became a little better understood after an investigation and Federal report concluded in August 2019 the site had a number of problems including some staffing issues. Many Zurich residents hear about the issues second or third hand. Most know little about the problems

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