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2020 09 Zurich Networking Group Member Newsletter Post Copy

09 2020 – Zurich Networking Group Newsletter

Contents Welcome website reader,  This is a copy of our personalised member newsletter sent monthly. September 2020 – Our Zurich Networking Group Community Update 3 Speakers – 3 Very Different Topics Hi, I thought I would  give a quick update and explain where we are at the start of September. A clean up of the LinkedIn group was completed over the summer, it now numbers 3,984 members today.  Why do this? The group dates back to 2009 and after 11 years, it is good group community practice to ask inactive, never posted to the group members, “do you still want to be a member of the group?” 147 people decided retirement, or just to be on the newsletter, simply not interested or have left Zurich were stated reasons to leave. The Zurich Networking  Group Website visitor numbers are improving again from the super “low” of 2020 April and May. There were days when visitors were in the low 10s which is understandable as people navigate coronatimes.  In July and August our year on year visitor trend line is lower but following the same trend month on month for 2019 which bodes well for the future. Events going forward will develop to introduce more co-hosted or Supporter

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