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Zurich RAV and Zurich Unemployment Switzerland

Unemployment Office – RAV Zurich and first steps to register as unemployed

For RAV registration the following documents should documents be available. RAV will advise more precisely what they need and may want you to post or email scanned copies to them: Foreigner’s identification card (B, L or C permit) Passport Work contract Termination letter AHV grey card or medical insurance card with AHV number Your complete application file i.e. CV, reference letters and certificates/diplomas List of applications made to-date Registration of your current address To understand how the RAV works and its processes, please consider working through this simple e-learning course (multiple language choices): Your obligations and how the Zurich RAV services help you to find work At the end of the course, email the certificate to your own email for possible later use. Many group members have been through issues related to unemployment and recruiter ageism in Switzerland ( contrary to the efforts of companies to “gloss” over this or the authorities efforts to overcome it). Common advice from group members includes: Do not delay a job search and wait to send applications, start sending applications immediately. If you are short of 12 months of working in Switzerland, you will need to obtain a PD U1 form from the employment

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Zurich vote on LGBT rights 9 Feb 2020

Contents Introduction In Switzerland, young lesbians, gays and bisexuals are the victims of many instances of aggression and homophobic verbal abuse. Unlike their neighbours Austria, France and many other european countries, Switzerland has no legislation affording protection to the LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexual, transgender) community. On the 9 of February Zurich vote with other Swiss citizens to make a change and to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. Some background to the vote on LGBT rights The issue of legal rights and the conflict with free speech is at the heart of the debate on the February 2020 vote. Past events and pressure from certain political or religious groups also explain why there will be rainbow flags visible from apartment windows or balconies in Zurich in the run up to the election. It was only in 2016 that “conversion therapy” became effectively illegal in Switzerland following an initiative by Conservative Democrat MP Rosmarie Quadranti. In August 2017, in response to a motion proposed by the BDP (Conservative Democratic Party), the Swiss Government announced that it would not count and register hate crimes committed against members of the LGBT community. The Government claimed it was too difficult to define or track these

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Where to get a German course

A lot of options exist as to where to get a German course in Zurich More than 350 German language courses are offered by dozens of schools in Zurich and sometimes the fact there is so much choice makes it difficult to find the right course. You can search the online database (containing virtually all German courses in Zurich) according to language level, pricing, schedule and frequency. As an alternative, you can take advantage of some free advice and support to help you find your ideal course at: The Welcome Desk (in the town hall, Stadthausquai 17) Monday to Thursday, 14:00 – 18:00 – no reservation is required. City of Zurich link to courses on offer website Course info is in German – check all providers and courses via an Internet search and always check more than one before making your choice. Click on image below to visit full listing. Example courses: Treffpunkt Tandem / Tandem Language Exchange MAXIM Theater CHF 5.00German, singing and music for parents and children AOZ Soziale Integrationsprojekte CHF 0.00Cost is stated as CHF 0.00 but there is a cost contribution in some cases, please contact the main office EB Zürich CHF 16.0020 week course to learn

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Networking on a tight budget

Contents Introduction Networking always seems to cost money and for some people networking on a tight budget they feel their options are quite limited. This is why the Zurich Networking Group tries to balance events to  benefit free Associate and low cost annual Supporter memberships. We understand not everyone wants to attend every social or networking night event. Some people have less resources than others and a good number just want to develop their local contact base their own way. Paying for events, the travel or the follow-up of one-on-one meetings can be a little daunting for anyone on a tight budget. The good news is that there are plenty of ways the Zurich Networking Group and others can facilitate those wanting to develop their network and to make new connections. All we ask is for you to be a little creative as we cover a few ideas to get you started. Ideas to network on a tight budget 1. The monthly “last Wednesday” coffee morning A shameless plug I know. This is a great way to introduce yourself to a few members, there is no need for a life story moment. A good way to get some great pointers for

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