Companies employing English Speakers in Zurich and Switzerland


This list of companies employing English Speakers in Zurich and Switzerland

serves two purposes:

  1. Local Swiss people who want to look for a job or seek an apprenticeship for their child at a more international facing company and may not have thought about exploring some of the companies listed.
  2. To help those seeking a role with companies who employ English speaking candidates in Zurich and Switzerland

It is no-way complete because our group focus is Zurich and whilst we list companies today, companies are being created in Switzerland or moving to the greater Zurich area every month. 

Please advise us of any companies you think should be added to the list.

This list is managed by Andrew Travers, Group Founder 

Visitors to our group website can get a partial view which has a list date stamp:  March 2019


  1. ABB
  2. Abbott
  3. Actelion
  4. Adecco 
  5. Adobe
  6. AGCO  
  7. Agilent
  8. Alcon
  9. Allianz
  11. Amcor
  12. American Graduate School of Business
  13. Amgen
  14. Ashland
  15. AutoForm Development
  16. Autoneum
  17. Baker & McKenzie
  18. Banque Lombard Odier & Ci
  19. Barclays Bank
  20. Barry Callebaut 
  21. BASF
  22. Baxter Healthcare
  23. Bayer
  24. BDO
  25. Biersdorf
  26. Biogen 
  27. BIS
  28. Bloomberg News
  29. BNY Mellon
  30. Bombardier
  31. Boston Consulting Group
  32. British Airways
  33. Bulgari
  34. Bunge
  35. Canon
  36. Capgemini
  37. Capri Sun
  38. Cargill 
  39. CERN
  40. Champion Petfoods    
  41. Christie’s
  42. Cisco
  43. Citrix
  44. Clariant 
  45. CNNMoney
  46. Coca-Cola HBC
  47. Comfone
  48. Coty
  49. Coutts
  50. Covidien
  51. Credit Suisse
  52. Crown Relocations
  53. Dätwyler
  54. Dell
  55. Deloitte
  56. DHL
  57. Dow
  58. Dupont
  59. Dyson


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You will see the full list in Supporter – Job Search

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  1. JJoven 2 months ago

    I currently work at Nobel Biocare located in Opfikon/Kloten (airport area). Might be helpful this list it as well.

    • Author
      Organiser1 2 months ago

      J. added along with the contribution from Dimitris. Thanks to you both A.

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