Season 1 January 29th - April 30th

Starting Out Researching

You have virtual CHF 30.000 to invest for Day 1 and it is split into “bags” of investment money. Many of the sites you will be referred to can be used for all coins and tokens. 

You can spend minutes deciding or lose hours in more detailed research. There are many sites and resources not listed, in future seasons this page will be updated.

There is no right or wrong choice because we are here to learn and have some fun together. Please remember, this is not investment advice in any way at all. Our entertainment purpose only 😎

Choosing Your Crypto

All links to or as stated – no affiliated links or promotional interest / benefit related to the organiser in any provided, simply support decision making.

Using Coindesk and Twitter For Crypto Information - Good or Bad!

Reminder Checklist - Save or Pin

5 Point Checklist For Researching Crypto – Before You Buy

  1. How many followers or discussions do they have on Coinmarketcap, Twitter and what do the Discord, Quora, Reddit or Telegraph groups highlight to you (only join to look and research). 
  2. When you read the about token summary on Coingecko or Coinmarketcap – Do you like what you read? Does it indicate there is a plan? Is it a Binance Smart Chain and Pancake Swap tradeable coin or token only? Is it listed on a number of good exchanges but not Coinbase, will it be? 
  3. Does the website have a white paper which looks like it is not a standard template? Are the team visible and public? What is the style of the website like?  
  4. Does Google or Reuters have any news references to the coin or token?  
  5. When you view the trading view of the coin, do different timeline views show a underlying trend which may be downward, level or upward? Is there any unusual activity?