Season 1 - Feb 1st to April 30th

Purpose of Crypto Lover League

Crypto is here to stay, it needs to be understood and soon we may be paying for stuff with Bitcoin, a Zürich city coin or for investments.  

The Crypto Lover League is to help all, no matter what your level to power your potential to apply this technology and digital currencies in a safe and purposeful way.  

The basics

1. You have virtual chuffers – CHF 30.000 in total to invest for Day 1

2. You have 5 choices to make and some options will not make sense at all, normally you may have 2 of the same choice in a portfolio or none. It is crypto so there are the good, the interesting and “what on earth is this!” 

3. If a coin loses its listing on – it is considered a rug pull and a total loss to the holder UNLESS it is a simple name change which happens. 

4. You do your own research, the season is short and there are enough combinations to satisfy the safest “hoddler” or to attract the high stakes poker playing gambler.

5. You do have a “spare” bag of dry powder amounting to CHF 2,500. A once only spend and if used wisely, a booster to any of the 2 or 3 or 4 coin choice list. Its purpose is to fuel your rocket and help you get to the moon. There is a catch though, you are limited to buying only between Feb 14th and March 10th midnight (your Crypto Lover Valentine gift from us). If you do not use it, you lose it. Put a date in the diary – you will get enough warnings to take up the offer. 

6. You have 3 buy and sell trades of all token or coin holdings choices in your 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 choice buckets. This allows you the chance to “balance” your portfolio or take advantage of a end of season run. 

7. At the end of the season, you may be “bottom of the dip” or “All time High” winners, finishing last and first. No matter which one you may be, you will get the group accolades, best wishes, grudging respect, unhelpful suggestions for next time and good humoured support from the other league players. 

8. The league is limited to 30 players maximum for season 1 and entry is on a first come first registered basis. 

9. Anyone registering as entrant 31 or more will be held in a queue in case of drop-outs before the series 1 start. Those who register and cannot play in series 1 will be automatically given an option for series 2 guaranteed entry (the form will be deactivated morning of 23rd local time to prevent confusion). 

10. Resources will be provided using this website (registered members – all levels), a private Facebook group (names must match entry form), events and newsletter updates.   

11. All coins and tokens listed are chosen based on a review of the crypto news, websites and their content and as a way to “mix it up” to promote  discussions and example use. The league organiser and helpers have no interest or gain associated with those listed in the various choices.

Important Timing Notes:

1. All entries must be submitted by midnight Saturday 29th using the form on this webpage with all details correctly completed.

2. The league series pricing for your starting portfolio pricing will be based on the use of – Sunday 30th 11:00 am local Zurich time. 

3. The weekly league table will be compiled at the weekend for release Monday morning at the latest. It will use the pricing point of 11am Sunday and include any requested and correctly completely trades.  

4. Use of your “dry powder” can only occur between February 14th and March 10th – submitted as a trade request by Friday 5PM of the week you wish to make the special buy. 

5. You can make your 3 trades and submit them between the window opening on Friday February 11th and its close as the last trade request and close of trading window on midnight Friday April l5th.  You can add to your holding or use it together with a 100% trade request to sell your complete holding in and to buy another coin or token in the SAME qualifying choice category.

The trade will be completed on Saturday 14:00 on the following day by group admin because those “exchange gremlins” struck on Friday and we all suspect a Whale was responsible. Any mistakes on your trade request will result in a rejection note and no value or apology is given to you in line with service levels on most crypto exchanges. You will be asked to re-submit the request for the following week or other time. 

6. The winner will be notified and the results published and shared group-wide at the end of the series.