Marketing & Commercial Excellence

Born and raised in the Netherlands, my career started with local product marketing roles for large corporations, after which I had the privilege to move to Munich where I was asked to run international marketing teams. After that I transferred to Zurich where I built international sales strategy & planning and global customer insights practises. Since 2016 I have set up several strategic marketing functions and done consulting for SMB’s and start-up’s.

Driven by my passion for Marketing Excellence and Commercial Excellence, I love to build, learn, optimize, share and achieve success. In an agile, data-driven, and people-centric way I work tirelessly to create Customer Value and Business Growth.

Strategy & Implementation

Since my Market Strategy studies at the University of Amsterdam I have been fascinated by the ever present challenge ‘how to make a strategy work’. Crucial is that strategy & implementation go hand in hand and are reviewed ongoingly. This has been ‘foundational’ during my career from working at Fortune 500’s in ICT to SMB’s/start-ups in cleantech venture capital, smart buildings, construction tools and systems engineering education.

Convinced that optimal teamwork leads to maximum success, I am an advocate of customer centricity and sales & marketing integration, with Commercial Excellence as the enabler. Besides marketing strategy & management, my expertise includes commercial strategy and positioning, go-to-market model, sales & marketing alignment, tools & training, KPI’s & targeting, performance & productivity.