Episode 2 – Navigating Corona Times More Comfortably

With a PhD in Chemistry and 20 years of in-depth practical experience at the intersection of technical, marketing and finance, Michael is well aware of the desire for skilled professionals to feel appreciated for their talents.

Combining certifications in Life Coaching and the Emotion Code he helps individuals play to their strengths while moving them beyond old habits in order to open new possibilities.

His corporate work in international Medtech, Chemicals and Hi-Tech enabled him to grow personally via a number of changes of responsibility. Today he uses these life-enrichened experiences to support professionals to develop their emotional competence for the sake of their own growth.

Show Notes

#002 – In this podcast Michael and Andrew will discuss what The Emotion Code is and its benefits for those new to this method and its benefits in an easy to understand way. We also try to highlight some benefits and use of The Emotion Code by some of Michael`s clients just in case it may help you.  

Questions covered include: 

  • 01:00 What possible problems are being experienced, you encountering that people are worried about? 
  • 02:41 What’s a possible solution for people? How have you been helping people or clients?
  • 03:51 Can you explain more in detail about the The Emotion Code?
  • 06:00 How do you know you have a problem and are not in balance? 
  • 08:02 What made you chose this method? 
  • 09:39 What sort of principles is it based on?
  • 10:52 How do you see this method sitting alongside traditional medicine?
  • 12:05 How do you work with clients and what should they expect? 

Navigating Corona Times More Comfortably

The Current Concern and Cause of Worry

The current Corona environment is surfacing an ever challenging range of emotions in people like loneliness, anxiety and depression. Our physical health has also come more into focus due to worries over falling ill. And to add fuel to the fire, our emotional and physical experiences in the present are amplified by scars of past challenges which remain trapped inside each of us.

A Better Way to Cope With It

In order to gain more peace of mind and resilience, it is essential to have a way to address the underlying source of both emotional and physical issues. By doing so, we boost our well-being which affords us an increased capacity to navigate the uncertainty of Corona-times and to keep a focus on inspiring priorities like achieving existing or new goals.

One such method to conveniently support people’s well-being is The Emotion Code developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. With sessions taking place over the internet one is able to remain in the comfort of the home and to readily respect concerns over physical distancing.

How Do People Benefit From It?

The method is based on the simple yet impactful idea that negative feelings are affected by trapped emotions – residues of unpleasant emotions from past experiences that remain inside us. Similarly, trapped emotions can interfere with our physical body making us more susceptible to falling ill. Other physical challenges associated with their presence are aches and pains, intolerances to foods and pollens, spots and more, all of which are on a steep increase.

According to kinesiology testing, adults are thought to have (believe it or not) over 350 trapped emotions inside them on average. So, systematically identifying and releasing them with the Emotion Code makes conditions right for one’s system to recover itself. In this way both emotional and physical discomforts become more manageable or disappear.

How I Can I Contribute?

As a certified Life Coach and Emotion Code practitioner I am experienced with creating a safe environment for professionals to explore personally sensitive topics. By blending human intuition and objective analysis people are supported with prioritising their issues and are led through the structured process of rebalancing their system. For clients who see this as an ongoing enrichment, I help them to deepen their self-understanding in service of their personal management and growth.

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