Switzerland EU Bilateral Negotiations June 2019

The EU and Switzerland have reached an agreement before Christmas. They have agreed that the new status for the EU and Switzerland will be decided by June 2019.

European Commission says EU draft treaty with Switzerland is best possible

“We therefore expect the consultation to be swift and hope that its outcome will be positive,” the Commission said in a statement.

It added that the draft treaty was “the best possible outcome negotiated between the two sides.”

Thomson Reuters Journalist: Robin Emmott

Discussions were extended for another 6 months until June 2019. What is to be decided is not fully known as the politicians are struggling with Brexit issues and influences on top of the Swiss desire to be “in control of their own laws” among other things. The Swiss MPs will look into a variety of topics as usual to “throw money” at the problem, one topic will be the “Cohesion Fund” where funding will be provided to support the EU`s poorer member states.

Time to wait and see what happens next year between the Swiss voters, Switzerland and the EU.


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