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29/03/2019 @ 18:30 – 20:45
Karl der Grosse
Kirchgasse 14
8001 Zürich
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Andrew Travers
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Zurich Networking Group Network NightAbout Our Monthly Events

The Zürich Networking Group hosts regular roundtable discussions designed provide a mix of education and networking opportunities on a variety of topics to enhance and refine professional skills. All events are held within the framework of the designated tracks – this one – International business – Doing Business Around The World – Addressing the multi-cultural aspects

As our group expands so does the range of topics covered and the number of guest speakers recruited to help guide members and to share their knowledge or experience.

Presentations and discussions will be held in English, when someone needs special assistance or a translator, we ask their helper or colleague/friend to contact us in advance.

This roundtable event covers:

Doing Business Around The World – Addressing the multicultural aspects.

International business is a minefield of successes, failures, mixed messages, perception differences, myths norms and a lot more. When a Japanese person nods does it mean the same as an Englishman? A direct question responded to with a indirect answer from a junior colleague in a subsidiary, the list goes on.

This is why with a roundtable format for this topic, we can share our own experiences and learn from others who managed or did business with a different approach.

M.Torazza_strategy_africaPresenter: Marco Torazza (Executive MBA) 

A global international business veteran who has sold, developed new business relationships, researched and launched market entry strategies in the USA, across Europe and also in Africa.

He will share some of the key experiences and earning points he believes should be addressed when doing business in a multi-cultural business context in Switzerland or abroad. Afterwards there will be plenty of time to discuss around the table the topic and to engage in a good question and answer session.

please view his Linkedin profile


Planned evening schedule:

  • 18:30 Arrival and choosing of seat
  • 18:45 Introduction to the evening and housekeeping
  • 18:50 Round table introductions of attendees and “hello”
  • 19:15 Evening presentation
  • 19:45 Q&A – problem/request session
  • 20:30 Close – retire to the bar downstairs / depart

Who should attend?

This roundtable will be held in the Barockzimmer and not our usual room, so seats are limited.

The roundtable session will be designed to give time for all to contribute and to benefit. You need to be interested in international business either as a person working with colleagues in another country or as a “foreigner” trying to build bridges with your Swiss colleagues.

We ask you to consider bringing “an issue or topic” with you, put it onto the table and let us hope we can help you to find the solution or contacts you need.


Our group is open to all but because of the limited seat number in the room, advance online pre-registration is required.

Proceeds from the modest registration fee for Supporter members and for non-Supporter members will go to cover the room hire cost, the refreshments and to help co-ordinate this and our other events.

Please note the need for confidentiality

By registering online you are agreeing that all information shared during the roundtable discussion is strictly personal and confidential. Any information shared between attendees is done so only with consent of all parties (Online registration is considered a permanent and binding confirmation of this agreement).

Let us keep what is discussed in the room, in the room.

Should you have any questions, please contact Andrew directly emailing membership@zurichnetworkinggroup.com

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