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10/07/2019 @ 08:00 – 09:30
Le Muh
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Andrew Travers
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New job? Want to sell more? Just need to do a simple update?

Sort it out before you go to work, make the changes or think about your LinkedIn plan, then get going for instant payback

Why should you think of taking time out for so little money?

Our time is shared and LinkedIn keeps changing, I also spend too much time teaching others for free in my groups, solving their auto-marketing or bad messaging mistakes. My largest group is 30,000+ verified Sales Directors, VP and Exec-CSO. I am not one of those experts who teach yet have no experience of building more than community from 0 with no brand name, just relationships and contacts who trusted in me.

It takes work and I think you will be happy after some time together with the outcomes.

Dense or Loose Network – Pools, Ponds, Oceans – why do I call it that?

The days of the LinkedIn LION are over, as are emoticons for job seekers. Come along to find out why and how you can grow your personal brand and position. How fast, certainly a lot faster than 3 Inmails per month and a Premium search filter!

I have Linkedin Premium or Recruiter, the company pays anyway, no point, I will waste my time!

Having used them both, I know what happens when you get hit with the commercial search limit threat, how they can be avoided and how your use possibly puts you into the same pool as your competitor. Nothing and no-one are exclusive in LinkedIn. Linkedin Premium or Recruiter ( I have used them both and given up now) – I will explain why.

It will not be a waste of your time, that I promise but seats are limited to 6 – we have work to do

So are you ready if you want:

To be shown how to open a door or three to get your new job.

More sales, especially if B2B why not set a challenge. Let us have some real fun, how many good leads do you need to fly through Q4 and get your bonus? Just remember, it will be you doing the contacting!

To be compliant yet build up your diversity and talent recruitment pipelines with a little more new knowledge. Those in HR I have worked with know that sometimes a few key pieces of information or working in a new way is all that is needed. Their requirements were specific, not the sort which came from an advertisement. Today we have more tools and points of referral than ever before, it is up to you.


If you have any questions, please contact me, if you need something specific addressed just let me know.

If you want to know more about my Sales Director LinkedIn group – click here when logged in

(please remember all have qualified entrants only – quality peer to peer networking is important to me )

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