Looking For Your Next Job In Zurich, Switzerland?

The origins of this online event stem from the monthly early morning “wakey wakey” in-person downtown Zurich coffee mornings.

To help provide some structure:

Our first goal through these online events is to provide you with accessible personal centric support that helps answer your needs over time and helps you to succeed in your search for a job in Zurich Switzerland.

Our second goal is to inform and to help you to make better decisions. To share stories during the time to network in a safe and effective way, drawing on multiple experiences from a diverse and compassionate community.

Our third goal is to work in partnership with our members to build up presenter collaborations, to use their experiences, knowledge and expertise to target resources to areas of greatest need.

Finding a new job or making a career change is not easy, being on the RAV and conforming to the rules raises a lot of questions, personal confidence in your own ability to “get that job” messes with your mind.

If you then add in relocation, family or education concerns, reverse culture shock for Swiss returnees or those who move from Ticino etc. The list of topics and questions we as group event hosts have experienced over the years is endless and important.

This is why the host and presenters will always be local people living in Zurich, the event is structured and allows for you to network as well.

We hope you can come along to one or more of the sessions and look forward to seeing you.


Bookings are now closed for this event.