Network Night – The power of Critical Chain Project Management over Agile for better outcomes

Date(s) - 20/02/2020
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Zentrum Karl der Grosse


Why we lose so much money in projects!
The power of Critical Chain Project Management over Agile – add another layer for success

Topic Overview:

Most companies that develop hardware-heavy systems suffer frequently from projects that do not satisfy the underlying business case because they require significant more time and more money. Worst of all, task forces are to be set up again and again to solve reliability or performance problems that boomerang back from premature market introductions.

The financial losses caused by damaged reputation and lost market share are in most cases dramatic. Interestingly, top management moans often far more about the increased internal costs than about the lost revenue, market share and reputation – despite the fact that these losses surpass almost always the internal costs by factors.

Company leaders are very aware of this problem but do not really know how to solve it. And the pressure is increasing permanently because more and more projects must be executed in shorter time to stay in the market.

The answer to this problem has a name: Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)t. First invented in the late 1990s by Eliyahu Goldratt as part of the Theory of Constraints, it offers many advantages over usual Agile concepts. Its great power over Agile is that it resolves the root causes and core problems instead of working around symptoms.

Indeed, companies, which implemented Critical Chain Project Management achieved typically 20% shorter lead times while getting the desired results in the desired quality.

This presentation will explain what the fundamental core problems are, that cause project delays, and how CCPM resolves them.

Your Speaker

Thomas Hott Zurich Networking Group Speaker


Dr Thomas Hott

Technical Director

ALTEN Switzerland

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Dr. Thomas Hott studied physics in Heidelberg, where he made his PhD in the field of particle physics in 1997.

In the following 8 years he worked as Technical Coordinator for the construction and commissioning of several large-scale physics experiments at the particle accelerators at DESY (Hamburg) and CERN (Geneva). In 2006 he joined DESY again, becoming the Technical Leader for the construction of the European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Facility, a 1.3 billion Euro project.

In 2012 Thomas Hott moved to industry, joining VESDO, a company specialised in anti-counterfeiting measures for the pharmaceutical industry. In May 2016 he joined ALTEN Switzerland AG, a leading engineering & technology consulting firm, where he serves as Technical Director.

Format for the evening:

18:30 – Arrival – “Erkerzimmer”

18:40 – Introduction / Group Updates

18:45 – Smaller Group Networking

19:00 – Commencement of talk and follow-up Q&A

20:00 – 20-10 Brief break (time may be longer depending on Q&A)

20:10 – 20:45 – Networking -1-2-1 and   T 4 Formats

20:50 Group update and close


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