Network Night – Speaker – Kevin Wieser – Publishing my first book in Switzerland – lessons learnt and to be shared


7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

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Kevin Wieser, Author and Illustrator, will discuss with us how he came up with his book concept and tell us his story about his first children`s book publishing journey here in Switzerland.

He will cover:

  • A little on the background to the book concept
  • Which publisher and why?
  • Which steps we went into?
  • What is the financial aspect of the whole process?
  • How do/did we promote the book?
  • What are our lessons learned?

In this interactive session, Kevin will share his successes, problems and frustrations so other would be writers thinking of publishing their first book here in Switzerland can learn from his journey. He will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have and note any ideas or suggestions you would like to share as well.

About Our Speaker:

Kevin Wieser - Author and Cartoonist (2)Illustrator, engineer and president: Kevin Wieser is a man of many talents.

During the day he works as a system engineer for business critical applications at aspectra ag.

In his spare time he is president of Jugehörig, a national association for young and adult hearing impaired people. As a book illustrator he recently successfully published his book “Steve träumt vom roten Punkt am Himmel.”

You can find Kevin here on LinkedIn




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