Club Experience and Networking in 1 night – Networking in a new way using VR

Date(s) - 25/02/2021
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm



About this event and why we are taking time to introduce this form of VR technology to members and guests

Over the past 12 months, there has been an exponential growth in interest towards 3D and VR in general due to the current climate of travel restriction.

It is now here to stay for job fairs, internal company events and training, presentations and any collaborative virtual situation where users who already use conferencing or meeting tools like Zoom or Teams want something more.

Mario and his team will be taking us somewhere virtually in a group larger than 5 to enjoy a “club” experience from another time. Take time to showcase the technology and how he and others have applied it for clients. 

Why is he taking time to help us go “somewhere else” and have a fun time? 

Unreal software is here to stay:

Education and Learning – Cornell University:  

Commercial application – Steelcase :  

For us, we will use it for networking! Are we the first in Switzerland – no idea, we have started the journey and that is important

We are starting small, we need to learn to walk and talk before we dance or leap around from one world or room to another. You by attending and seeing the potential will be able to create our “unreal next world” experience.

That will be in the future.

Mario will lead the session from 19:00 and he has helped attendees across the globe showcasing products, supporting learning development and training managers with the use or adoption and roll-out of his VR technology solution.

For us, it is the first of a number of events planned to be more social, yet for those seeking a business application, please have an open mind about: 

  • Anyone in process or change management projects needing a visual and impactful visual journey.
  • Anyone seeking a job who knows that in the future, being able to navigate a virtual job fair will give them an advantage.
  • HR and L&D specialists who seek to differentiate themselves, improve their hiring and retention, or simply attract graduates and others who seek something new.
  • Directors and CEO`s seeking cost reductions, better sales or after sales service delivery results like Steelcase.
  • Real Estate professionals seeking a really immersive experience – imagine driving the car out of new home towards a school to drop the kids off (I know they will walk!) or work. Through the local streets driving like a local, it is possible.

The list goes on …….but first, let us begin in “our world.”

Event Format / Speaker (s)

Host: Andrew Travers

Event Technology Guide and Speaker

Mario MokarramMario Mokarram Zurich Networking Group

Mario is a seasoned 3d professional who is passionate about the application of gaming technologies in areas other than gaming.

These include training, customer handling, product demonstrations and more. Mario has a unique ability to imagine VR solutions how to implement them, as an end user and as a developer.

View Profile on LinkedIn

Event Format – Sessions and Timing Guide:

18:15-18:30 Arrive – Log-on and prepare for event commencement

18:30 – Entry into main room and welcome by Andrew Travers

18:40 – Members separated into break rooms for group introduction / personal elevator statement which in your own words is:

“Hello, my name is ………., I have been living in ………… for …………years (or new to Zurich etc) and I attended tonight to meet some interesting people and to …………”

This with the restricted number of attendees allowed should provide enough time for all to speak and to get to know another – the “old face to a name” exercise.

18:55 – 19:00  Return to main room

19:00 – Mario Mokarram – Introducing VR for networking tool – your first experience and how to get the most from it – Q&A – with support

Schedule may or may not include individual networking session

20:15 – Event follow-up and future VR plan, group housekeeping matters

20:30 – Close and Carriages

Event Housekeeping:

Event cancellation policy is any refund will be made subject to cancellation being made by in writing 48hrs in advance of the event.

The event is NOT recorded and is live, requiring registration for a ticket and a link being emailed once registration is complete to protect privacy and the event experience.

Attendee information is shared post event by a private login page with name and link to LinkedIn profile (allowing discretion to connect). Any handouts or event downloads are available post event to any Supporter or Supporter Plus Member with a current membership.



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  1. Hi Andrew, sorry, can not make it for this evening, hopefully for the next one, cheers William


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