You’re So Worth It: Avoid Work Addiction and Burnout – Network Night

Date(s) - 03/02/2021
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm



Please join the Zürich Networking Group for a presentation and discussion with Heinz Léon Wyssling, long-time business coach and outplacement consultant.

The session will be introduced by Andrew Travers. In the networking sessions you will also “bump” into other coaches who will be happy to share their perspectives and experience as well.

The agenda will be: 

18:15 – Log on / Enter waiting room as we will be using Zoom

18:25 – Meeting entry / PC-Phone-IT communications set-up and log-in etc.

18:30 – Introduction and welcome: Andrew Travers

18:40 – Members separated into break rooms for group introduction / personal elevator statement which in your own words is:

“Hello, my name is ………., I have been living in ………… for …………years (or new to Zurich etc) and I attended tonight to meet some interesting people and to …………”

This with the restricted number of attendees allowed should provide enough time for all to speak and to get to know another – the “old face to a name” exercise.

18:55 – 19:00  Return to main room

19:00 – Short Presentation with Q&A – Zürich Networking Group Speaker – Heinz Léon Wyssling

Heinz Léon Wyssling

Heinz will speak about the “hidden” addiction, over working and highlight its danger, share some research and cover some detail about anxiety, stress overload and other indicators which may highlight to someone if you are on the journey to a possible burn out. He will also outline some options for prevention and intervention which can then be extended as a discussion if desired in the post-speaker networking.

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19:30 – Round 1 – Network Huddle

19:45  – Return to main room – Round 2 – Network Huddle

20:00 – Return to main room – Round 3 – Network Huddle 

20:12 – Return to main room – Round 4 – Network Huddle 

20:24 – End of session housekeeping / Next Steps – Information Share

20:30 – Carriages / Goodbyes – stay on if desired

IMPORTANT Housekeeping Information

Disclaimer: Speaker Topics are designed to share knowledge, prompt discussion and highlight tools, methods or resources which may be available to group members.

Attendance and Payment: If you are likely to be late, please let the organiser / host know. 

Event Management: Please use your own name when attending and signing in. This helps people to “put a face to a name” helping all to relate who it was they spoke with and to aid follow-up afterwards. Please remember, we are not recording the session or streaming live, there is no reason not to use your camera and to smile/laugh and to joke with others as well.

Attendee List: Will be shared as per agreement / LinkedIn profile url. as a minimum on the group website for easy access/future connecting.

Paid – Not able to attend – refund cancellation policy

Please cancel 48hrs prior to the event (email or SMS) on 076 470 0964. We can then make any necessary refund, give your place to another and if desired instead of a refund, hold the payment over for a future event. Please contact Andrew or another group event manager should you have any questions.


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