Zurich Networking Group Associate Membership

Associate Membership

A quick way to join the group and to become aware of the group and its activities. 

It is a simple starter free newsletter based subscription which serves a variety of purposes.

These include:

  1. Helping those moving to Zurich to start to develop a network ahead of their arrival. 
  2. To qualify for access to the LinkedIn group of over 3500 local members. The mandatory newsletter subscription enables us to communicate events and group news to you effectively. This is more important today after LinkedIn removed the “old group announcement” feature for groups in 2018. The LinkedIn rules are clearly stated but often not read when people seek to join. No fee is requested to access the LinkedIn group. All posts are moderated for quality and the LinkedIn group is actively managed. Only Supporter Plus posts are recommended group-wide together with Zurich Networking Group events and other information shares.
  3. To provide news and updates to group members who are ad-hoc attendees to events as they have specific interests, so they would only want to attend online or an in-person event once or twice a year. 
  4. Keeping old members informed and connected to past relationships developed whilst they were working prior to retirement or before they relocated and left Zurich.

Important points to note:

When you unsubscribe to the newsletter, your information is deleted from the email service provider and as per the unsubscribe link, removed from the LinkedIn group. 

Please remember:

Many Supporter or Supporter Plus members start out this way and attend a number of events as or when their business or social commitments allow. 

It is a great way to explore the benefits of being in the group. 

To learn more about the depth of resource we have or to meet the many local businesses owned by Zürich Networking Group members.  

For past or future topics why not follow the group on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to learn more.

Something which may be of interest?