Zürich Networking Group Membership Costs

Associate Member

Personal Associate Members are typically:

Those who want a time limited relationship to learn more about the group, to have some access or can only pay or attend one or two events a year.


Get to know and pay when you attend
12 month fixed term
  • Newsletter
  • Event Alerts

Personal Supporter Member

Essentials Members are typically: 

Company employees, spouses or partners,  event topic interested, English language conversationalists or social event seekers. 


Personal and Supporting Local Business
CHF 50
  • All Associate Benefits
  • Event Discounts
  • Job Seeker Support
  • Resource Spaces Access

Business Premium Member

Business Premium Members are typically: 

Small business owners, professional service providers and companies or organisations wishing to promote themselves to the group community.


Promote Your Business
CHF 150
  • All Supporter Benefits
  • Newsletter Callout on Joining
  • Member Directory Priority Listing
  • LinkedIn Group Marketing Support
  • Network Night Speaker Opportunity
  • "In The Loop" Interview Opportunity

The group has the resource and platform to make your voice louder. 

You simply speak normally just as if you were using a megaphone to speak to a small crowd directly.

The Zürich Networking Group has no industry or business type lock-outs because sometimes the collaborations help small businesses to win when others would say “you are too small” or “who are you” because they do not understand the energy of small or SOHO business

Special Note - Payment / Invoice

All payment processing is handled by 3rd Party payment processors off-site and you have the option to be invoiced directly. 

We need to be contacted directly to generate an invoice for you, please can you email your request using this link.

Thank you for your interest in the Zürich Networking Group