I am not going to post too much on the topic, LinkedIn apply a variety of AI controls to posts and your use of a #hashtag is included within their algorithm calculation.

It is recommended you use a maximum of 5 or 6 and not list as many do, 9 or 10 in a post. A simple check of your choices in the search box can reveal the results you need to make your top 5 or 6 choices.

It it is just sometimes you need to check your use of #hashtag and choice of word. Here we started with the use of #Leadership using a “live” post from a user.

This person posted 9 in all and their choice of #hashtag clearly impacts the target audience, in their case set to global because of the lack of any home country references in the post or LinkedIn #hashtag use.


Zurich Networking Group Linkedin Masterclass hashtag use

The results for their LinkedIn #hashtags included zero follower results and the following:

  • #leaders = 1,391 followers globally
  • #salesleadership = 389 followers globally
  • #continuousimprovement = 954 followers globally
  • #perfectionism = 27 followers globally
  • #grateful – 2,058 followers globally and the last posts were in French not English
  • #selfbelief – 51 followers globally

Who was the person making the LinkedIn post? What sort of company were they?

The person posting was trying to promote their sales training and event speaker business. They were not corporate or a major with a brand, so the focus was the use of LinkedIn #hashtags to seek referrals to his landing page and website.

LinkedIn is not Facebook or Twitter, they are learning and this is a development for them in 2019 after the changes in 2018. Decisions have to be made about post reach, its purpose and use of a company page to support the overall marketing plan.

Please do take 5 minutes to check that you will have effective responses and try to stay within the guidelines of 5 or 6 LinkedIn #hashtags, so that your possible spam indicator in their algorithm remains low.

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