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We share perspectives, experiences and insight, for those with a business owners to local life in Zurich, Switzerland

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In The Loop
#006 Strategic Marketing: The SOSTAC planning model and TOWS

About the show

“In The Loop” podcasts are a series of business or personal development podcasts for and by Zurich Networking Group members who share their knowledge, business experience or contribute content related to daily life in Zurich, Switzerland.

The podcasts are in English currently because we have over Swiss and over 80 other nationalities represented in our group. Many speakers will not be English mother tongue and that adds to the richness of our content.

Meet the Show Hosts

Andrew Travers

Andrew Travers

Zurich Networking Group Founder, advocate for solo and small business owners. Prefer a  craft beer to a glass of Prosecco and drink too much coffee for my own good.

Zurich Networking Group Networking Guest Speaker

Guest Speakers

Our guest spot show hosts are Business or Premium members who want to share their knowledge or business insight. We support them as we advertise and share our show through our Zurich Networking Group newsletter, social media channels and the main podcast apps or platforms.

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Episodes are episodic and vary in frequency and content.

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