Episode 1 – Blockchain 101 The Basics with Rasmus Schioenning

Rasmus has 28 years of business experience, selling consulting services within 20+ industries, enabling business transformation by using new technology and changing corporate mindset about processes, organisation and systems.

During his work he has sold, implemented and rolled out solutions in more than 80 countries, on behalf of the global fortune 500 companies.

Show Notes

#001 – In this podcast Andrew and Rasmus will discuss what Blockchain is in a non technical way, to understand the history of it, what it can do and why this is important for the future.

Questions covered include: 

  • 01:17 – Why is Blockchain important?
  • 01:47 – What is Blockchain and what is the power of it?
  • 03:02 – When you say Token – what do you mean?
  • 04:05 – How and where do we see Blockchain being used?
  • 05:00 – How many corporates use Blockchain today, is it just for the banks or insurance companies?
  • 07:55 – Blockchain seems to be dependent upon trust, are humans ready for this this level of trust? 
  • 12:31 – What are the latest developments on Blockchain that we should be aware of?
  • 16:53 – How does the technology interface and what is an atomic swap?

Content Reference / Useful Links: 

Gartner link:

EU perspectives and resources on blockchain (see the different papers in non technical wording):

Contact Rasmus: 

For further discussion on Blockchain, please contact Rasmus

by email rhs@trintco.ch

or write a direct message on  LinkedIn

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