About Zürich Networking Group

About The Zürich Networking Group Members

A networking group is about people that are interconnected.

Here at the Zürich Networking Group, our ties and residency to Zurich have brought us together.

Professionals join the Zürich Networking Group because we offer them local information, referrals without selling opportunities, an email newsletter to interested subscribers and advertising privileges.

At the other end of the spectrum some of our “interested” passive members are merely curious, simply want to subscribe to the group newsletter and attend as and when they feel the need or a workshop topic is of interest. 

What is really important is that everyone is comfortable, no-one wants to feel any anxiety or commitment pressure of “having to attend,” it is the inclusivity and diversity of the group which keeps is at its core. 

Why not turn up for a walk with Martin or a coffee with Andrew at the monthly free “open to all” events to find out. 

You will find the events and calendar here >>

Group Contributors and Founder

Volunteers giving of their time as and when they can to support others with their expertise or helping with event organising and promotion.

Past Hosts, Event Enablers and Key Helpers

Volunteers who we owe a big thank you and who you “bump into and meet ” in the future.