About Zürich Networking Group

About  Zürich Networking Group Members

A networking group is about people that are interconnected.

Here at the Zürich Networking Group, our ties and residency to Zurich have brought us together.

The Zürich Networking Group has members on every continent (except Antarctica) who were here, due to arrive or have now moved away. 

Professionals join the Zürich Networking Group because we offer them local information, referrals without selling, an email newsletter and advertising privileges.

On the other hand, some of our members cannot attend events and are merely curious. They simply want to keep connected, track news and be relevant in conversations with old friends and business colleagues.

In between, we have many members who “drop-in” and “out” of events, speak or contribute in a variety of ways. Some include those making mid-life career changes; or studying and needing to plan for their future.

Group Contributors and Founder

Volunteers giving of their time as and when they can to support others with their expertise or helping with event organising and promotion.