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Good job boards help you attract qualified candidates, on the flip side for candidates, they have an opportunity to look at not so well known job boards for a job in Zurich or Switzerland. 

The candidates also benefit from having a good job board which reflects their needs for a specialist role or more flexible work offers and part-time work.  

Switzerland’s tightening labour market means the competition for jobs and hires is still high at the start of 2020. 

What is a job board? Why is it important to me as a job seeker?

From a candidate’s perspective, a job board is a place to look for a job. 

From an employer’s perspective, it’s an advertising and promotional platform where the viewing traffic of the candidate interest in a role is matched to their belief they are a qualified and good potential hire. 

Is or similar a job board?

There are the major players like Monster, Indeed and even LinkedIn which are considered by many as a general job seeker job board. 

They appear to “own” the market but they do not publish every job advertisement. There are a number of employers who see the size and work involved in managing the candidate applications in their 1000`s as a disadvantage.

They seek alternative solutions or for some roles even advertise anonymously through a recruiting or executive search company.

Some of the larger job board companies offering Zurich and Switzerland jobs  include: 

Management jobs – using Google For Jobs – Current jobs in Zurich – you need to register first so not used as much as it could be – go to resource in Switzerland and for Zurich as a job board

Experteer – a sort of “is it still going” platform memory jogger because it is still around despite the other en eclipsed by other job boards.  

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Do all job boards charge a fee and act the same?

The jobs on a jobs board can be posted for free or for a fee. 

The costs will vary according to the number of advertisements a company commits to purchasing and how the job board is structured. A number of job boards are related to another business or activity.  

Sites such as Job Winner charge from  CHF 650.00 per month or less whereas The Local an online magazine type platform offering a jobs board will charge over CHF 300.00 for an advert. JobMarket charge fees and offer options across their website to advertise, 6-10 job advertisements cost CHF 1000 per month, banner ads on pages from CHF 1200 to special advertising to be prioritised on their homepage.  

Then there is the aggregation type job board which makes you think “I have seen that job advertised before.” 

This type of job board is not uncommon to be an aggregator and to publish on your platform jobs from other websites. 

LinkedIn started in 2014 to aggregate hundreds of thousands of jobs from the career sites and the applicant tracking systems (ATS) of many employers who did not have any privacy or other restrictions in place. 

It was part of a strategy to focus on active and passive seekers. The main winners were the larger corporates who could offer LinkedIn a lot of vacancies.

As a candidate, knowing a paid listing is seeking you out means the system or LinkedIn AI has marked you as a passive candidate.

If on the other hand you are on LinkedIn and looking at the job listings and making a search, expect to see the aggregated roles advertised first. It is a small benefit offered by LinkedIn yet at the same time may not present the best choice jobs to you if you search just using a job title or a location. 

For LinkedIn, they win all round by receiving job advertisement content to publish, an engaged user and a visible small and tangible benefit for the company as a client. 

General job boards for Zurich and Switzerland

A general job board offers most types of jobs across a number of different sectors.

A number may segment to try to differentiate themselves by work experience level or management seniority. 

  • is a Swiss job platform part of the JobCloud platform of websites and job boards. Alpha offers at the time of writing the post over 4,500 jobs for specialists and executives in Zurich and Switzerland.
  • is a job search website or aggregator for Switzerland . The site language is German and it helps you to research over 60,000 jobs posted in Zurich and Switzerland. A wide search option across multiple job posting sources using a easy to use interface.  
  • is similar to careerjet but offers search options and job seeker resources in German and French. It is quite colourful and well laid out with over 125,000 jobs being accessed and aggregated at the time of writing this post.
  • JobMarket is a Winterthur based job board and offers a variety of roles but has a patchy search tool so you get blank results at times.
  • Jobrapido has over 160,000 jobs listed and is an international platform like Indeed and Monster. English jobs can be found but the majority of roles are advertised for Switzerland in German and French. 
  •  and are part of the JobCloud family.  They offer slight variances but it is better to search on and not be confused by the platforms essentially offering similar or the same jobs. JobCloud has close links to Google and Google search. In 2019 JobCloud became Google’s preferred Swiss partner for the launch of their new jobsearch feature
  • is an online recruitment platform that lists job vacancies but its blog and post history is not recent at the time of writing. This job board should be marked as suitable for Switzerland not Zurich job searches because of the limited Zurich job advertisements. 
  • and are local German language recruitment portals for Eastern and Central Switzerland. They are both part of CH Regionalmedien AG and the group also provides local newspapers to its regional customer base. There are positions advertised within a commutable journey from the the canton of Zurich. They are not suitable as a Switzerland country wide job search tool. 
  • is an aggregator of a number of micro niche job boards across Switzerland. It advertised 31,000 plus jobs at the time of the post in German language only. It is worth a look because it lists freelancer and other contract roles, not just permanent because of the way the micro websites are structured and aggregated. 

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Niche or specialist job boards for Zurich and Switzerland

  • is in German only and lists a selection of vacancies mainly related to Science, Technology and some areas of research and development. At the time of writing there were only 2 jobs listed in Switzerland. Germany is the job boards primary market. 
  • is an independent online platform for and by architects with job offers, forum posts and a lot more content in German.
  • is a mix of recruiting company and job board service with a strong niche presence in medical, clinical and hospital specialists. Job ads and quick read blog posts are advertised in both French and German. 
  •  is a website listing jobs only for women and has additional services for coaching and training offered through its partners and media owner Swissclick
  • Gulp is an online recruitment site backed by Randstad for IT freelancers to offer their services in the German speaking market. The focus is on Germany with less than 14 Zurich jobs available at the time of writing the post.
  • is a watch industry job board and 99.9% of the roles are outside of Zurich. This is because watchmaking and luxury microtechnology is clustered elsewhere in Switzerland.
  • Lawjobs is Switzerland’s leading recruitment website for legal roles and related technology professionals. Firmly focussed on law firms, law and contract services and their providers, the roles are advertised in Zurich and across Switzerland.
  • NZZ – Jobs in English covering Zurich and the local canton area. The newspaper has a strong local presence and the job board has some good high level or IT related roles advertised on a regular basis. A number of jobs advertised with the NZZ are not to be found on LinkedIn or other job platforms or aggregator sites.  
  • is a specialist German language job board for social work and health care jobs and lists by employer to aid your research. 
  • is another medical and hospital job board listing in German only for northern Switzerland and including Zurich. 

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