July 2022 Unemployment Update

Registered unemployed figures for July 2022 from the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

What was the total number of people unemployed in July 2022 in Switzerland?


The situation on the labour market in July 2022

According to surveys by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) of the local RAV offices, 91,474 unemployed were registered with the regional employment centers (RAV) in the month of July 2022, 1,037 fewer than in the previous month. 

The unemployment rate remained at 2.0% in the month under review, a marked decrease month on month compared to July 2021 when unemployment was 36,805 higher. 


Youth unemployment in July 2022

Youth unemployment (15 to 24 year olds) increased by 331 people (+4.3%) to 8,089, the good news, many found apprenticeships and other work compared to last year when the number of 15 to 24 year olds was 33.7% higher.


Unemployed 50-64 year old “mature age” in July 2022

This statistic is a “view through a window” and whilst the number of unemployed 50-64 years fell by 969 people in the month of July, we all know the story is far more complex and many of the 10,833 people who are no-longer claiming benefit from the RAV do not have real work, are living off savings or have simply left the register or Switzerland.


Total Job Seeker Number In July 2022

Total unemployment reduced by 5,629 to 163,315registered at RAV  job seekers, this shows a 25.5% reduction year on year between 2021 and 2022. The number has fallen by 55,868 registered people.

Special Reporting – Job Type To RAV of vacancies in July 2022

The 2018 obligation to register jobs for occupations with an unemployment rate of at least 8% which was amended to 5% in January  2020 resulted in 54,732 jobs of the total 68,004 being subject to the continued reporting obligation.

Short-Time Working Update (has a reporting lag)

Billed short-time work in continues and stats were last reported in May 2022 when 5,552 people were still on short-time working in over 900 companies in Switzerland.

Long-term unemployed – No-Longer Eligible For Unemployment Cumulatively – May 2022

SECO provides limited information on this having to rely upon the RAV and the unemployment insurance funds. The number of people who had exhausted their right to unemployment benefits by the end of May 2022 totalled 2,481 people.

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