Episode 3 – How to make the LinkedIn algorithm work for your posts today

I joined LinkedIn in 2003 and founded and managed a number of groups from 2009 to date. They are both private (unlisted) and public (listed) with 4,000 – 30,000+ members). 

This background provides me with an above average insight into LinkedIn as it includes bridging both the recruiting and business development services they offer as a user and customer.

It also means I have not told you everything about my LinkedIn work, the reality is that I am more interested in you listening to this episode, getting to know a little more about the LinkedIn algorithm, picking up a few tips and then using them in your way to develop your business.  

Show Notes

#003 – In this podcast Andrew explains how the LinkedIn algorithm can be best used by Solopreneurs and small business owners have little time to maximise their marketing time with and on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is one of the best B2B marketing tools for a solopreneur or small business owner.
Unfortunately, you may like me get caught up in the LinkedIn algorithm issues and only when I understood it more a few years ago did things improve. 

Tips will be shared about LinkedIn groups, repurposing posts and other time saving tips. In understanding the LinkedIn algorithm you will:

  1. Improve the number of followers you will get
  2. Focus on your niche or sector and then be seen on a frequent basis 
  3. Add leads to your sales pipeline which we hope results in good profitable business for you.  

Questions covered include:   

  1. 00.49 – What is the LinkedIn landscape solopreneur or small business owner benefit
  2. 02:31 – My 10 day daily LinkedIn experience share using Canva as main tool 
  3. 03:07 – Why you need to be careful using automated LinkedIn social media posting
  4. 05:19 – How does the LinkedIn algorithm work? 
    • 05:56 – LinkedIn Algorithm post filter stage 1 – Content Check – Is it safe? 
    • 06:16 – LinkedIn Algorithm post filter stage 2 – User flagging
    • 07:19 – Algorithm monitoring of Report this post and Hide this post user flags
    • 08:18 – LinkedIn Algorithm post filter 3 –  Universal Content Filtering 
    • 09:19 – LinkedIn algorithm post filter 4 – Human Editors – check your post 
  5. 11:16 – Aligning to the LinkedIn algorithm to make it work for you 
  6. 12:11 – Why you should make your LinkedIn posts mobile friendly and other tips
  7. 14:54 – How you can make the LinkedIn algorithm work for you
  8. 17:37 – Understanding the LinkedIn algorithm to grow your LinkedIn network
  9. 20:21 – Your LinkedIn company page, the algorithm, your posts and followers

Show notes :

Link to Zurich Networking group website – www.zurichnetworkinggroup.com with podcast show notes, speaker bio.

Content References / Useful Links (No affiliation): 


LinkedIn Blog – Website

Social Content Publishing:

Canva – Images – Post Design – Free or low subscription per month
Zoho Social – low subscription required as client
Loomly – posting – initial free period then a subscription


We hope you enjoyed our first LinkedIn podcast and the third “In the Loop” episode.   

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