LinkedIn – Effective search and better results using Or AND NOT

Search - Basics - Banking Example

Here we list some simple search parameters to help you to work on LinkedIn more efficiently. All the content provided works and has been tested or is in daily use on LinkedIn so no huge secret. 

It is simply filed here to make life easier for us all.

First we start with using some terms in the standard LinkedIn search box (you can add industry, education, job title and similar filters to it based on your LinkedIn subscription level).


The AND operator retrieves all entries that contain all of the words entered, think of it as a including both or more words used.

It is important to use it in a captialised form on LinkedIn.


money AND laundering – will return all documents that mention both words

In my case it returns over 100,000 and most have it stated in their profile tagline. 

This is a small refinement but helpful and when money laundering is typed in, the return results are 286,127 and presented really randomly. 


The OR operator retrieves all entries which contain any of the words entered. 

This retrieves more entries than searching one of the terms on its own.


money OR laundering – will return all documents, companies, groups and other content if you do not use a filter that mention either ‘money’ or ‘laundering’, but not necessarily both.

The total number of results for me is 660,012 which is why I rarely use this operator unless I am looking for something very specific or together with AND as a first search scan. 


The NOT operator is less used and is in fact really good to sort out the results. It retrieves all entries that contain the first term entered but not the second.


money NOT laundering – these are general terms and the results now total 649, 526

It has returned all documents that mention ‘money’ but NOT those that also mention ‘laundering’.

When I do it the other way around, laundering NOT money, the results total 9,648 which is why it is worth leading with the less general term.

To say not money rules out all the profiles which you may not want to see anyway such as “money mover” and “money lending” to name a few. 


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