Membership is in 3 levels

It helps as many as possible as we try to offer best value to all

It also comes with a condition for those who wish to remain a free Associate member of the Zürich Networking Group. All Associate free members who join have access to the LinkedIn Zürich Networking Group subject to an active and valid email newsletter subscription. Upon termination of the subscription, you will be removed from our social media groups.

Newsletters will be once a week maximum and will be related to group news, updates, webinar style online meetings, events and any relevant Supporter Plus member offer, member charity update, link to a Zürich Networking Group website group member blog post or other relevant member/group topic. Sponsors links are included with their logo when/as applicable.

All Supporter and Supporter Plus members will get “early bird” notifications for popular events as one of the benefits the subscriptions provide.

Should you have any questions, please email: and we will respond as quickly as possible.



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