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Associate Free Attend as Guest Access
CHF 0 Subscription
No Event Discounts
Single User Log-in
Website Guest Content
Online Groups Access
Supporter Personal Membership
CHF 30 12 Months Fixed
Event Discounts
Single User Log-in
Member Content
Receive Offers
Speaking Opportunity
Supporter Plus Business Owners
CHF 150 12 Months Fixed
Event Discounts
Single User Log-in
Member Content
Promote Offers
Speaking Opportunity
Event Publication
Blog Publishing
Business Directory
Notify Group Promo

Memberships Compared

Associate Membership is a no commitment form of registration to help you better understand the group.

It does not give you much access to content or resources.

Supporter membership helps you with your job search, career network building and provides event discounts.

As a Supporter you also get first email alert for popular events. 

Supporter Plus memberships are for local business owners or larger company managers.

Your services or products are listed in the Zurich business directory website.

You have additional marketing, job vacancy listing for employees and more.

Do not forget

Please ask for advice or help with your membership selection.

In case of any questions, or a preference to pay by invoice please contact us

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