All registration acceptances are subject to a time delay to safeguard our member checking process

Membership is confirmed with a final welcome email

In all cases a telephone number is requested as part of this check and to avoid fake user registrations

No financial information is retained on this website, all payments are processed by secure third parties or via local bank payment slips

Associate Trial/Newsletter
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No Event Discounts
4 months only
Supporter Plus Business Only
CHF175 Full Access
Event Discounts
12 months only
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Memberships Compared

Associate Membership is a no commitment form of registration to help you better understand the group and how relationships build.

It does not give you much access to content or resources.

Supporter membership helps you with your job search, career network building and provides event discounts.

As a Supporter you also get first email alert for key events as we have always done. 

Supporter Plus memberships are for local small or larger businesses and offer more than just the Supporter membership.

Online and offline support is available to help with new customer acquisition, website and wider social media marketing and group promotion.

Your membership fee provides real value and benefits, not just a “directory listing” or similar.

Do not forget


Please ask for advice or help, do not be afraid to come to an event, why not even consider bringing along a friend to see if it helps you be more comfortable and  enjoy it more.


In case of any questions, or a preference to pay by invoice please contact us

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