Average time unemployed in Switzerland = 22 weeks minimum

A resource page for you as you plan your move to Zurich

Zurich Networking Group Sample moving checklist
Moving with the zurich networking group checklist

Not here yet?

We are a networking group, who over the years have fielded many requests to help those who have yet to arrive.

To help your research we have provided a few steps with related information and links to help you.

If after that you need to be referred to a local member, Step 4 provides a form to contact us.

The newsletter subscription simply helps you to learn more about the group in advance of your arrival.

When a person is at work, often there is a partner who is at home, or looking after children or seeking to study. Not every “trailing partner” seeks a new job.

Childcare or education needs are varied, this website lists a lot of local options , globegarden is one of the larger providers, Double Decker is well known and worth a comparison check if close to where you think you will live. 

To learn more about the differences of your possible home or apartment location and local amenities, these discussions even though they are not recent are still useful.

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