The information presented looks very similar and quite familiar to other profile settings experienced elsewhere. 

1 – Members who are online / Recently Joined

This shows the latest members who have joined the group and above, who if their settings are “show online” will be seen. It is a setting which will be of use in the future when chat is installed (more on that later).

2 – Member Activity Stream

You can as elsewhere follow a group or user and you have 2 options for stream:

  1. Community – Posts from the entire Community you have the right to see. That’s where the privacy on posts and groups kicks in.
  2. Following – Posts only from members & groups you follow. So you won’t see posts from people or groups you don’t follow even if those posts have the privacy settings that allow you to see them.

3 Core Personal Main Settings Bar

You will see this sometimes in the side menu when reading blog or other posts when logged in to the website.

4 Global Group Quick Links

These are quick access links to get you to the groups, members list view and home pages.

5 Personal settings for groups, stream and your about page

This is where you control your privacy, the about you information you would like to share and other content. It is not visible to non-members and notifications can be received by email or just on the website (red round number in area 3 will show)

6 Like and view a profile

Key Information for:

Privacy settings options:

  • Public: Allows anyone to see the content, even users not logged in however these are restricted by membership level – Associate, Supporter or Sponsor.
  • Members Only: Allows only members of the community to see the content according to the membership level you have subscribed to when you joined/renewed.
  • Only Me: Allows only the person who posted the content to see it.
  • Friends Only: Allows only the friends of the user who posted the content to see it (coming later in 2019).
Getting to know my profile page
Member log-in
Personal Preferences
Member homepage preferences
Member homepage preferences shortcuts
My Menu Bar
Member homepage dropdown

Groups – Please read before creating a group of your own (subject to membership level)

Group Interaction 

Members can interact with other members when they are joining the group, they can posts, like, comment or participate in them. Non-members can’t interact, to join the party they’ll need to join the group first.

Group View – (this is the same almost as anywhere else)

  • Stream – All of the group posts.
  • About – Shows the group title, description and other information. This is also where group owners can change the group name and description.
  • Members – Shows the group members.
  • Photos – Shows group photos and photo albums (not yet).
  • Videos – Shows group videos (not yet).

Group Privacy

  • Open Group – Open groups will have the content visible to every member.
  • Closed Group – Closed groups are only showing in the Groups Listing but don’t show the content until the user is accepted in the group
  • Secret Group – Secret groups will not showing in the Groups Listing unless you are the member of the group. User can join the group by invitation only.

Groups Invitation To Members

Group owner and managers can invite users to group by clicking invite button at the header of the group page. Once a person has been invited they will not show up in the search members list. Please respect the settings of others when you seek to grow your group.

Group Owners

Group owners cannot leave a group, a group must have someone to administer and take responsibility for it which should involve either a transfer to a new owner or to hand it back to the group website administrator to help you to take action.  Transferring group ownership is very easy as you just select a user from the group member list and then take a 3 click process to then transfer the ownership. Membership can be transferred to any group member. It can be done either by the group owner OR by the website admin.

Group owners have privileges to pin and unpin post in group and also can edit and delete offensive / harmful content.

Group owners can appoint moderators to help them to watch over the group content. Posts and comments are editable by group moderators so that they can alter potentially offensive / harmful content and make sure the conversations are aligned with the groups’ idea.

Group owners can report any obscene and other similar material deemed to be “outside” the boundary of normal exception and so request the member be investigated / subject to a temporary ban.


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