enjoying the 100th strawberry picking in Seebach ZH


Riedenholzhof strawberry picking afternoon ZurichWhen you pick fruit or other produce, remember to bring boxes or baskets with you. Any children will eat double the amount of strawberries you think you can imagine!

The owner may ask you to pick in a certain section, or from the white stick in the ground in a row. There is nothing strange, simply that the pickers who were there before you got to that point an and she/he wants to give time for the crop to grow elsewhere in the field or plot for their future pickers.

When planning please consider:


Fruit and Veg Picking Calendar – subject to climate changes or rotten wet spring or summer influences

Typically you can find:

  • Blueberries – Jul – Aug
  • Blackberries / Blackcurrants – Jul – Aug
  • Broccoli – Jul -Oct
  • Butternut Squash – Sep – Oct
  • Cherry (sour ones for cooking) – Jun – Aug
  • Cherry (sweet for eating) – Jun – Aug
  • Pears – Jul – Oct
  • Plums – Sep – Oct
  • Pumpkin – Sep – Oct
  • Raspberries – Jul – Sep
  • Rhubarb – May – Jun – can be really short some years
  • Rosehip – Aug – Sep
  • Strawberries – May – early July
  • Sweetcorn – Sep

Common choices of locals in Zürich to go to include: Fresh raspberries and yoghurt breakfast

  • Agroservice – Urdorf ( Do not be put of by the name!)
  • The world expat famous – Jucker Farm
  • Riedenholzhof – where you see the cats and the cattle together. Small and friendly family owned….. avoid please otherwise I will have nothing to pick!


You can go further afield, get picking when walking or hiking, here is a directory map of places where you can pick your own vegetables and fruits.

Self-picking website – mapping locations all across Switzerland – feedback welcome





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