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#008 – In this podcast Luc and Andrew discuss the formation of  and how students benefit from flexible learning options for German, Spanish and Dutch to list a few. 

#007 – In this podcast Michael and Andrew discuss anxiety and its issues, together with self-help tips and references including touching on the TRE method. 

#006 – In this podcast Andrew and Maria discuss key points related to successfully organising meeting, events and conferences, whilst Maria shares her knowledge and provides some tips.

#005 – In this podcast Andrew and Dev will discuss the SOSTAC planning model and its use in developing a business strategy. 

#004 – In this podcast Andrew and Rasmus will discuss how Blockchain is applied by the Pharma industry, the mediledger and other uses in and applications.

#003 – In this podcast Andrew explains how the LinkedIn algorithm can be best used by Solopreneurs and small business owners to get better results with less time to maximise their LinkedIn marketing time.

#002 – In this podcast Michael and Andrew will discuss what The Emotion Code is and its benefits for those new to this method and its benefits in an easy to understand way. We also try to highlight some benefits and use of The Emotion Code by some of Michael`s clients just in case it may help you.

#001 – In this podcast Andrew and Rasmus will discuss what Blockchain is in a non technical way, to understand the history of it, what it can do and why this is important for the future.