“In The Loop” Podcast Member Speakers

Our local Zurich based business members featured below share their knowledge in our “In the Loop” podcasts.

Thank you to everyone who has participated and to Rasmus whose idea it was for us to start this fun activity.

To learn more about the speakers, please click their name to view their profiles and to listen to their podcast.  

I would like to be a speaker, what should I know?

Some answers to help you to decide:

Yes you do, this is because often when someone speaks they will need to come back.

Having an active membership means that we know you are serious and we can plan for your future recording(s). 

A podcast topic is one which relates to you and makes sense to share. Andrew merely acts as a facilitator to aid the conversation. We try to organise them into one of two tracks, #poweryourbusiness or #poweryourpotential simply to keep topics in some sort of easy reference or search order.

We seek only natural normal conversations, if a potential client was to meet you, you would want to sound and speak the same. If you need help with some word choices or to brush up on your conversational skills, we have help on hand. 

A short introduction, 4 to 6 set and agreed upon questions which are relevant to you (This helps us interact and you feel comfortable in your domain). Your answers to the questions and a closing summary. We try to keep the podcast length 15 to 30 minutes maximum long.

The questions help us to keep structured and on time, more than one try may be needed to get it right. that is to be expected.

Let us see what you have before you spend any money.

We have tested recording a podcast using a mobile phone, Zoom and Skype and in-person with a a recorder and microphones.

There are options and all of this is discussed prior to you deciding to go ahead.

It is sensible to plan to do a test run before any final recording.

It can take up to 2 hours to record and check a 20 minute recording. 

Why? It is rare to get it “right first time” and there is always a change made because of hearing something after playback and not being too happy with a comment or statement. 

The podcast is in some ways the easy bit. Advance preparation is key because many speakers will have cue cards or slide print-outs prepared.

This is more to lay out on the table and to remind them when they speak.

You should also think of how you will promote the podcast, the process for go-live is simple and quick. 

You should plan for your own social media messaging, reminders to those in your network and more. Help can be provided to you with a checklist should you decide to go ahead. 

We strive to deliver a good audio quality episode where many moments are edited out. There are times when it may be worth leaving something in, like the distant church bells in episode 1. 

When the recording is edited, you are asked to “sign-it-off” when happy. Once complete, it is scheduled for a timed release (remember after going live it takes up to 24 hours to be searchable on iTunes or other podcast platforms). 

The Business or Premium membership or group Sponsor package allows for you to be a podcast guest as a minimum according to our booked schedule.

More details can be found here on current membership pricing.

You can join online or request an invoice.

Of course, as a Business or Pemium member we would expect you to want to build on your podcast presence. 

It depends upon the schedule and your desired timing to produce an episode.

Often members will have more than one point to convey and to share.

One or Two podcasts a year would be a good long-term plan.

Business or Premium Member Speaker Enquiry

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