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It costs less than 1 good business lunch with a prospect per year and they get:


Members are always the first to be referred and the Zürich Networking Group is an excellent resource in Zurich for those seeking products, services or references to specific businesses.

Referrals can come from network members and not the member themselves, this gives a multiplying benefit from word of mouth, trust and a positivve experience.


The Zürich Networking Group believes in its members and tries wherever possible to support them and to recognise superior local customer service providers.

The business members themselves actually get recognised if sufficient people vote for them as the “business member of the month” but they must wait until the following year to win again to avoid a pub in the canton of Zurich or similar giving away free drinks to get votes and win every month ( we know such things would never happen).

Good Business Practice

Membership extends credibility and implies that you are trustworthy, involved in your local Zurich community and care about your customers.

Cost Effective Marketing

Opportunities exist through the Zürich Networking Group’s events, programs, web site, sponsorships or promotion.


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