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September 2020 - Our Zurich Networking Group Community Update

3 Speakers - 3 Very Different Topics

Kevin, Tzafrir and Silvia upcoming Zurich Networking event speakers


I thought I would  give a quick update and explain where we are at the start of September. 

  • A clean up of the LinkedIn group was completed over the summer, it now numbers 3,984 members today.  Why do this? The group dates back to 2009 and after 11 years, it is good group community practice to ask inactive, never posted to the group members, “do you still want to be a member of the group?” 147 people decided retirement, or just to be on the newsletter, simply not interested or have left Zurich were stated reasons to leave.
  • The Zurich Networking  Group Website visitor numbers are improving again from the super “low” of 2020 April and May. There were days when visitors were in the low 10s which is understandable as people navigate coronatimes.  In July and August our year on year visitor trend line is lower but following the same trend month on month for 2019 which bodes well for the future.
  • Events going forward will develop to introduce more co-hosted or Supporter Plus Member workshops. This broadens topic choices, promotes member lead and involvement and addresses the wider interests of the group. Online will still be the focus with small group specific learning workshops until social measures rules change. Hence, the LinkedIn job seeker Masterclass workshop only having 7 places available.

As always, do let me know your news, or questions on the group. 

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Our Events In Date Order:

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Upstay – CEO Tzafrir Blonder will give an overview of his product and ask questions on technology  integrations and software AI and his reasons to focus to one well known hotel guest revenue problem.

Kevin Wieser is both an IT Systems Engineer and an illustrator with his own website.

He and his great friend Steve Schild (Mars One and Swiss Men’s Award candidate – link to his website) decided to co-author and illustrate their own book together. 

Kevin will share their journey, their choice of publishing platform, the sales and marketing efforts to get to break-even and to make money for charity. 

Andrew will run his LinkedIn job seeker masterclass in September to help attendees learn the latest about their profiles, the new algorithm changes impact, how to spot a bad job post and the mistakes HR make and more. 

October 1st - Heads Up

Silvia Carbogno is passionate about training active listening skills. Well known to many group members, Silvia will share her insight to help you learn what active listening really means and to participate in an exercise/ask her questions.  To visit her website

A moment of silly humour, just in case you notice.

I went to see the Hausarzt about my short-term memory problems

— the first thing he did was make me pay in advance.

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