Episode 5 – SOSTAC Model Introduction and explanation with Dev Rakshit

Marketing communications consultant and professional instructor with over 20 years’ international business experience from the consumer, health, and agency sectors.

Areas of expertise cover Strategic Marketing, Multichannel Communications, and Advertising and Branding.

His qualifications include a PhD Chemistry and an MBA Marketing.

Show Notes

#005 – In this first podcast series Dev will help you to  gain an overview of the SOSTAC planning model and its use in developing a business strategy.

SOSTAC provides a structure and blueprint to support and guide organisations to achieve objectives and meet strategic imperatives. Some of the key elements discussed in the podcast include using the familiar SWOT analysis to capture information from a Situation analysis, setting Objectives using the SMART format and using the TOWS matrix to establish a Strategy. Information is also given on the operational part of the planning model which involves the Tactics (plans and programmes), Action (orchestration and timing) and Control (KPIs from objectives and ROI).

Questions about SOSTAC include: 

  • 00:34 – Short overview of content relating to SOSTAC model
  • 00:51 – Why would a company need SOSTAC?
  • 01:21 – What are the key considerations of using the SOSTAC model
  • 03:50 – Situation analysis as a component of SOSTAC
  • 04:40 – Product overview component of SOSTAC
  • 07:12 – Importance of Smart Objectives in SOSTAC
  • 07:57 – Second S of SOSTAC – Strategy 
  • 10:25 – Tactics applied in SOSTAC explained
  • 11:25 – Importance of Actions in SOSTAC
  • 12:47 – Controls the last pillar of the SOSTAC model
  • 14:04 – Advice from Dev as a key take-away when using the SOSTAC model
  • 15:02 – Future marketing tips and tricks episodes confirmation

Content Reference / Useful Links in Red: 

SOSTAC.Org – Resources and reference topic website 

Guide to writing smart goals – visit Smartsheet.com website

Contact Dev: 

For further discussion on Strategic Marketing or “TheCustomer Journey.” 

Please contact Dev by connecting or writing a message on LinkedIn

or email him at Brandcrusader


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