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Contents Introduction LinkedIn super sized groups offer the chance to broaden your network very quickly especially if you have less than 500 connections. Students will do well if they join a group which is aligned or close to their studies. It gives them a chance to view future employees online, to understand the sector of future employment and to network in advance of their graduation or job search. I requested to join all on the same day and Telecoms Professionals were the first to accept my request to join. LinkedIn groups with over 350,000 members Software & Technology Professionals: Managers | HR | Blockchain | Investors   (1.8 million members) – A tech group which morphed into Blockchain as its focus. A good number of connections of mine are members through their interest in the topic and casual management. Harvard Business Review  (1.6 million members) is well managed and has a very diverse membership. It has an active anti-spam policy and is worth joining. Finance Club  (970,000 members) is actively managed and for bankers, insurance or those interested in crypto currencies, it is worth considering being a member. Linked: HR  ( 900,000 members) is not accepting new members unless you are

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