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FM Global Report – Post COVID-19 Zurich to bounce back better than other cities

FM Global insurance resilience report and indicator aid The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has created a vacuum for business, a global level of business uncertainty that many have never seen in their lives before. Countries across the globe are battling with the issues of healthcare, personal protection equipment and supplies and a lot more. Zurich is grappling with a variety of challenges impacting small businesses and the self-employed especially. The social-distancing strategies, Federal orders and early financial interventions are helping to stabilise the situation.  So what makes me write to suggest that Zurich will be back before many other cities in the world who are much larger? A clue is in the 2019 Global Resilience Index report created by FM Global Insurance. FM Global researches the business environment in over 100 countries across the globe. The countries are then rated on an index according to factors related to: Corporate Governance  Political stability Risk Environment Supply chain logistics and transparency Switzerland as a country scores well and is rated 3rd overall. The strong economic foundation and supply chain score aids the cumulative result.  This indicates unsurprisingly that Zurich and Switzerland will have a high level of stability and resilience through the crisis

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