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June 2021 Swiss vote environment CO2 and terrorism law (1)

June 2021 Vote – Environment – Water – CO2 – Pesticides – Security

Contents Clean Drinking Water and Healthy Food – linking subsidies to pesticide use The Swiss electorate will vote on the Popular Initiative which links federal subsidies and their control or withdrawal because of a farmer using pesticides and prophylactic antibiotics on his farm. A new range of environmental conditions will also be introduced requiring compliance by the farmer in order to protect local water supplies and their surrounding environment. The onus will be on them to prove their ecological credibility and compliance in a number of areas including: Plant protection The use of fertilisers Animal husbandry Biodiversity support It is seen as a city v rural initiative and many involved in seeking the initiative vote believe the measures have been watered down and do not go far enough. In their opinion, direct subsidies continue to support a system of agriculture that is not good for the environment and leads to polluted drinking water. There is a belief amongst farmers the initiative is not well thought out. The farmers believe the June vote will result in further measures being requested of the politicians which are believed to include: Direct subsidies linked to stringent compliance of: No pesticides use (Federal authorities will

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