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How to network during the COVID-19 pandemic

Contents Introduction to Job boards Good job boards help you attract qualified candidates, on the flip side for candidates, they have an opportunity to look at not so well known job boards for a job in Zurich or Switzerland.  The candidates also benefit from having a good job board which reflects their needs for a specialist role or more flexible work offers and part-time work.   Switzerland’s tightening labour market means the competition for jobs and hires is still high at the start of 2020.  What is a job board? Why is it important to me as a job seeker? From a candidate’s perspective, a job board is a place to look for a job.  From an employer’s perspective, it’s an advertising and promotional platform where the viewing traffic of the candidate interest in a role is matched to their belief they are a qualified and good potential hire.  Is or similar a job board? There are the major players like Monster, Indeed and even LinkedIn which are considered by many as a general job seeker job board.  They appear to “own” the market but they do not publish every job advertisement. There are a number of employers who see the size and

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