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2022 Zurich Employment News

July 2022 Unemployment Zurich Switzerland

July 2022 Unemployment Update Registered unemployed figures for July 2022 from the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). What was the total number of people unemployed in July 2022 in Switzerland? The situation on the labour market in July 2022 According to surveys by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) of the local RAV offices, 91,474 unemployed were registered with the regional employment centers (RAV) in the month of July 2022, 1,037 fewer than in the previous month. The unemployment rate remained at 2.0% in the month under review, a marked decrease month on month compared to July 2021 when unemployment was 36,805 higher. Youth unemployment in July 2022 Youth unemployment (15 to 24 year olds) increased by 331 people (+4.3%) to 8,089, the good news, many found apprenticeships and other work compared to last year when the number of 15 to 24 year olds was 33.7% higher. Unemployed 50-64 year old “mature age” in July 2022 This statistic is a “view through a window” and whilst the number of unemployed 50-64 years fell by 969 people in the month of July, we all know the story is far more complex and many of the 10,833 people who are

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Zurich RAV and Zurich Unemployment Switzerland

Covid-19 Federal Coronavirus Employment Support

The Swiss Federal government announced a variety of measures to support employers and employees impacted by the Coronavirus Covid-19 shutdown and restrictions. Included in the three components to the Swiss Federal government’s special financial support program of CHF 10 billion includes: 1. Short-time-work (Kurzarbeit): this is for CHF 8 billion and is discussed above. 2. Hardship Financing: The government will offer short-term financing, either as loans and/ or grants, to SMEs, including self-employed, for those in dire straits. Hospitality workers and others on hourly wages were dramatically affected in an almost immediate way. Hence this need to address the social issues caused by the country shut-down and its immediate economic impact. Kurzarbeit – Hourly workers – GmbH or Ag Shareholders The Kurzarbeit process involves these steps: Employer applies for short-time-work financial support using the new simplified form. Swiss government (ALV insurance fund) approves it. Employee agrees to accept the 80% Kurzarbeit. SECO – Short-Time working amended form for Corona-Virus Covid-19  The 2 forms which require attention are: Voranmeldung von Kurzarbeit Antrag auf Kurzarbeitsentschädigung If the employee does not agree to the 80% Kurzarbeit offered by the employer, it is likely that the employee would have their contract terminated. They could

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Key words list for your LinkedIn profile or CV

Contents Introduction The key words list for your LinkedIn profile or CV is becoming more useful because of the way algorithms are used by recruiters or LinkedIn and Google. New business Internet research and job listings share some similar search attributes.  Job listings include the abilities and competencies an applicant needs to be a good  hire. These skills become keywords used by recruiters and hiring managers as they search to quickly identify top candidates.  Few people carefully read LinkedIn profiles and summary write-ups or CVs.  They take a cursory glance and only dig deeper if past job titles or skills trigger their interest. Common words searched for by LinkedIn or recruiter users Recruiters have moved on from the old days of simple filter boxes and job titles on LinkedIn.  Purchasing managers have done so as well as they both embrace Boolean search terms to expand their reach.  In order to help those who are in sales to be “attractive” to clients or those seeking a new ob and wanting contact from hiring managers, this list may help. Simply review your profile and summary write-up and check your use of adjectives and relevant terms.  accounting analytical analytics brand budget C (programming

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