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Zurich RAV and Zurich Unemployment Switzerland

Unemployment Office – RAV Zurich and first steps to register as unemployed

For RAV registration the following documents should documents be available. RAV will advise more precisely what they need and may want you to post or email scanned copies to them: Foreigner’s identification card (B, L or C permit) Passport Work contract Termination letter AHV grey card or medical insurance card with AHV number Your complete application file i.e. CV, reference letters and certificates/diplomas List of applications made to-date Registration of your current address To understand how the RAV works and its processes, please consider working through this simple e-learning course (multiple language choices): Your obligations and how the Zurich RAV services help you to find work At the end of the course, email the certificate to your own email for possible later use. Many group members have been through issues related to unemployment and recruiter ageism in Switzerland ( contrary to the efforts of companies to “gloss” over this or the authorities efforts to overcome it). Common advice from group members includes: Do not delay a job search and wait to send applications, start sending applications immediately. If you are short of 12 months of working in Switzerland, you will need to obtain a PD U1 form from the employment

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LinkedIn Super Groups

Contents Introduction LinkedIn super sized groups offer the chance to broaden your network very quickly especially if you have less than 500 connections. Students will do well if they join a group which is aligned or close to their studies. It gives them a chance to view future employees online, to understand the sector of future employment and to network in advance of their graduation or job search. I requested to join all on the same day and Telecoms Professionals were the first to accept my request to join. LinkedIn groups with over 350,000 members Software & Technology Professionals: Managers | HR | Blockchain | Investors   (1.8 million members) – A tech group which morphed into Blockchain as its focus. A good number of connections of mine are members through their interest in the topic and casual management. Harvard Business Review  (1.6 million members) is well managed and has a very diverse membership. It has an active anti-spam policy and is worth joining. Finance Club  (970,000 members) is actively managed and for bankers, insurance or those interested in crypto currencies, it is worth considering being a member. Linked: HR  ( 900,000 members) is not accepting new members unless you are

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